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Inspiring Learners

Children's Technology Workshop's programs encourage your child to explore, invent and create. We focus on the development of high-quality curriculum, software and children's programming. We teach classroom workshops - School Groups; run seasonal and summer technology day camps - icamp; host technology workshops - Workshop Club; and deliver Parties and Special Event programming.

Seriously Fun Programs

  • Owned and operated by people who share your neighbourhood.
  • - Involve activities both on and off the computer.
  • - Attractive to girls and boys.
  • - Run year round at numerous locations.
  • - Focus on engineering & robotics, video game creation, graphic design and digital art, animation and digital video production, and early literacy programs.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking can be your child's greatest asset. Since 1997 we have enabled children to enhance their awesome, natural creative abilities through hands-on, high-tech engineering and technology programs.

A Window Into Our Workshop